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Section-Workshop "History of the Media in Transition Periods”, 4-6 September 2013,
Lisbon, Catholic University of Portugal

The third Workshop of the ECREA Section for Communication History themed "History of the Media in Transition Periods", will be organized by Nelson Ribeiro and will take place at Catholic University of Portugal, Lisbon.

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What is Communication History? European answers
Two special issues of media&time (medien&zeit) published and
available for download

The question "What is Communication History?" was posed by the editors Susanne Kinnebrock, Ed McLuskie and Christian Schwarzenegger. Specific "European Answers" were given by authors from all European regions. Both special issues of the journal media&time (medien&zeit) are available here for downloading.

What is Communication History? European Answers I
media&time 3/2011

Ed McLuskie, Susanne Kinnebrock, Christian Schwarzenegger: European Communication History: An Introduction

Nelson Ribeiro: The Rise of a New Field: Researching Communication History in the Iberian Countries

Marcel Broersma: From Press History to the History of Journalism. National and Transnational Features of Dutch Scholarship

Cornelia Bogen: Structures of European Communication History. The Case of Health Communication

Download the Special Issue 3/2011 here.

What is Communication History? European Answers II
media&time 4/2011

Ed McLuskie, Susanne Kinnebrock, Christian Schwarzenegger: An Introduction to Theoretical Perspectives

Juraj Kittler: Learning form Braudel: A Quest for a Comprehensive History of the Public Sphere

Andreas Fickers: Seeing the familiar strange: Some reflections about actants, actors and arenas of transnational media history

Marja Ellefson: Re-mapping Journalism History: Development of the Press in the Swedish Empire and Its Former Colonies Finland, Estonia and Livonia until the Early 20th Century

Klaus Arnold: Methodological Approaches to European Communication and Media History. About comparisons, transfers and a European public sphere

Download the Special Issue 4/2011 here.

Second Workshop of the ECREA Commhist section took place in Dublin

Hamburg The 2011 Workshop of the ECREA Section for Communication History was organized in cooperation with the School of Communications of Dublin City University (7-9 September). The aim of this workshop was to discuss post-national perspectives and approaches to the history of mediated communication in Europe. Moreover this workshop was a starting point for the Section´s project to publish a handbook about European Mass Media history. The keynote at this workshop was given by Andreas Fickers from Maastricht University. Fickers, who published together with Jonathan Bignell a book about European Television History, talked about theoretical approaches and practical ways how to to European Media History. Other presentations dealt for example with the early days of the mass press in Europe around 1900, the history of journalism education in Europe or the international radio propaganda in the Spanish Civil war. For more Information take a look at the workshop programme.

October 2011: We are back again - Website problems solved

For almost nine monthes we were not able to update the section website anymore. The reason for these problems was that we lost access to the server, where the site was hosted. Meanwhile we mirrored the site, restructered it and moved it to a new server.

The CommHist at the ECC10

At the ECREA's European Communication Conference 2010 the Section for Communication History will be present with 40 presentations and five posters. The Hamburg third European Communication Conferences will take place 12-15 October 2010 in Hamburg. The Conference is organized every two years and it provides THE meeting point for European communication scholars and a forum for inspiring discussions on theoretical and empirical research. For ECREA 2010 the organizers are expecting to host 800 to 1,000 participants and 600 to 700 presentations. The general theme of the conference is "Transcultural communication and intercultural comparisons".

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